The company was established in Prague on 9th May 1992. Its original activity was in more areas. Then the company began to specialize for the only one area, which was transport and other incidental activities as international and domestic forwarding, customs services and entire service in the transport area. The word "Morava" was not chosen accidentally. The basic territory activity is just this district and mainly then Walachia (eastern Czech republic). The combination of activities and seat of the company bears the company's name TRANSERVIS MORAVA s.r.o.
Our team of specialists has many years' experience in the area goods traffic, forwarding, customs services and of course foreign trade. We are using this acquired knowledge and experience to meet the demand of Czech business's and transport companies. The language skill of our staff is of immense assistance to us in this area.

The basic aim of our company is to develop our current position on the international market, at the same time offering top quality and reliable service to our customers. We believe that this philosophy is the right one to allow us to grow and develop as our range of services expands. Our growing customer base is an indication to us that we are heading in the right direction and look forward to the challenges that the future will bring.